Shacht Equipment

Since we began teaching classes on the farm, people have inquired about where to get spinning wheels, looms, etc.  After researching the various companies that produce equipment, we settled on Schacht Equipment out of Colorado.  They are a US manufacturer.  They have been great to work with and produce quality equipment. 

We have some wheels, looms, etc in stock and can order anything you could want from them.  Please call us or email us with your needs and we will assist you:

Some of the equipment we have in stock:

8 Harness Highcastle 48" loom $3,800.00

Ladybug wheel (1)  $575.00

Wolfpup LT (1)    $1,220.00

Table loom (1)

Inkle Loom (1)   $77.00

Flip Folding Rigid Held Loom (2)

  Trestle stand for Flip Loom (2) $174.00

Cricket Loom ( 1)   $145.00

Ball winder (2)

Goko Metal Swift (2) $129.00

Lazy Kate (1) $60.00



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