Fiber Mill

C&M Acres Fiber MIll is striving to be a full service mill offering a wide array of products made from your fiber. We are processing most types of fiber: alpaca(suri and huacaya), llama, most wools, angora, cashmere, etc. We can use almost any fiber from your animals to make products.  Using the prime blanket fiber we can make a wide variety of yarn sizes and plys as well as finished in skeins or cones.  We can also amp up your yarns with colored filaments as well as dyes.   From your seconds fiber we can make felt, cored yarn, rugs, saddle pads, insoles, etc.  Plus we can always make batts and roving for those that want to finished the fiber themselves.

How do you get on our calendar for processing? 

We have two options.

1) Send in your fiber and it enters the que.  We work fiber in the order it came in.  We are currently running about 9-10 months out in processing.


2)We are also offering time slot reservations  in addition to our normal first in/first out processing.  You can reserve a slot now for whenever you think you will be ready to ship the fiber and then wait to send us the fiber until you are close to your slot date.  We are reserving several weeks a month for slots if people are interested or have timelines that they need their fiber back for.

How it works:

·         Decide when you want your fiber processed.

·         Check with us to see if that period is available.

·         Make $50 deposit to reserve that week. Up to 60 lbs processed in a week.

o    The $50 will be deducted from your processing bill when completed.

o    If you miss the slot, we will try to fill in with another client but will not refund the $50.

·         Send us the fiber three weeks before your slot.  We want to make sure we have the fiber in house and looked at before your window so we can make sure we get through your batch.

·         Our goal is to have the fiber done no later than a week after your slot date.


Don't want to pay to ship your fiber to us?  Meet us at an event we are at and we will bring your fiber back to the mill at no cost as long as there is room in the truck/trailer! Check our Events tab to see where we will be.  Please make sure you let us know you will be bringing fiber so we can plan for transport.



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