Prepping Fiber

Skirting your fiber is key processing and creating a good end product from your fiber. 
The better your fiber is skirted before you send it for processing the better your end product will be.
Hints to skirting:
- Layout out the fiber on a table or flat surface.
- Check the fiber for brittleness.  If the fiber is brittle, it will break going through our machines and the resulting end product will not be up to the standards you want.
- Remove any pieces of hay
- Remove any burrs or other contaminants that are tangled in the fiber.
- Remove any dung tags or beans
- Remove any toe nail clippings or other foreign objects from the fiber.
- Remove any heavily soiled areas or fiber that is very heavily filled with vegetable matter.
- Feel through the fiber for any course fibers (arm pits, legs, etc) and discard.
- Watch for any short fibers or second cuts from shearing and discard.
- If possible and the fiber is laying on something portable.  Shake the fiber.  This will dislodge loose debris that will fall out.  This will decrease the over weight of what you ship to us.
- If wanting yarn produced, we need the fiber to be between 3 inches and 9 inches.  Fiber less than 3 inches
 may not be able to be processed without adding another longer staple length fiber to process.  The resulting fiber may not be as consistent as if all the fiber were the same length.
- The more consistent the fiber you send for processing the better the end result will be.
The machines do remove some vegetable matter but not all.  The more vegetable matter contained in the fiber sent in, the more that will be in the final product.
Please make sure what you send is only fiber.  We have heard of all types of things being sent in fiber bags; from clippers to a padlock in one case.  Anything other than fiber can damage our machines and put a serious delay in our processing if something gets damaged.
When shipping fiber, put in a plastic bag, remove as much air as possible and seal the bag.  The smaller you can make the bag, the smaller the box needed for shipping or the more fleeces you can fit in a box.
Please fill out one order form per batch.  If multiple fleeces are to be combined, you can combine them in the bag or have them separately within another bag with the order form.  When blending different colors, types of fiber, etc, please send each in its own bag within another bag with the order form. It is easier for us to blend using the machines so the blend is consistent.
If you do not include an order form, we do not know how you would like the fiber processed.
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