Processing Prices

Pricing Sheet


Minimum batch weight 2 lbs post wash


$25/hour if requested or required to process fiber


(Incoming weight) $ 4.00 /lb


(optional) (post wash weight) $ 10.00 /lb (gets rid of guard hair and some vegetable matter)


Roving/Batts/Cloud (final weight) $ 10.00 /lb

       Roving into Bumbs  $2/lb addl


Includes carding, draw frame or pindraft, spinning, plying, coning or skeining (final weight)*

       Bulky to Sport 2 -3 ply $ 24.00 /lb*

       Finger to Lace 2-3 ply $ 26.00 /lb*

               Cones and skeins no addl cost, $4/lb for center pull balls

               Cabled addl $ 2.00 /lb

         * 100% suri/silky/mohair add $2/lb


$ 2.00 /lb   C&M Acres provided fiber at cost per separate sheet. C&M Acres offers alpaca (suri and huacaya, merino (in white, black, red, brown), CVM wool, silk, bamboo, nylon.


-Using Greener Shades Dyes $ 8.00 /lb (Pot Dyeing)

                                                   $14/lb (Hand Painted)

Needle Felted Batts

(carded, made into batts and felted) $ 20.00 /lb final weight

Cored Yarn

$ 8.00 /lb includes core material (different core materials add different amounts of weight to final product)

                     Carded and core wrapped. Packaged as a large bumb. Bumbs are at 100 yards unless otherwise requested.

Washed Skeins/Balls

$ 2.50 /lb

10% discount for individual batches over 25 lbs

RUG WEAVING:  New at C&M Acres Fiber Mill    We can weave your cored rug yarn into rugs if you would like us to.  We charge $6 per square foot to weave the rugs.  We use a large floor loom and like to weave with 4 harnesses so the rug has a more textured look that the typical over/under(tabby weave) you may have seen.  Our typical rugs are approx 2' x 3' but we can weave other sizes if interested up to 4 foot wide.  We hace also started weaving highly textured rugs using our 8 harness loom.  They are very unique any many people have liked that option.

HORSE SADDLE PADS: New at C&M Acres Fiber Mill     We can take your fiber, 2nds and 3rds work fine and make very durable saddle pads for horses.  We can weave any size but typical are: Western (30x32) or English (24x38).  We make a thick cored yarn from your fiber and weave it into the top part of the pad.  We then needle felt a thick felt pad for the bottom.  The two are sewn together using a leather sewing machine.  The pads use approx 4.5lbs of your fiber are $105 each.  Additional cost if we dye the fiber before processing. 




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