Felt and Felt Insoles

Using our Feltloom Needle Loom we can make felt up to 5' wide and almost any length you desire.

We first make batts on our carder that is then run through the Feltloom to tighten the felt up.  The more times through the needle loom the tighter and denser the felt becomes.  We have clients that want quilt batting that we run the fiber through the needle loom 1 time just to give it some structure.  We have others that want felt that is very tight for bags and crafts. 

You tell us the size of the felt, the thickness desired as well as the tightness and we make the felt for you.  The felt loom does not make felt much over a 1/2" thick.

The batts coming off the carder are approx 30x34 inches so most felt is this size unless you specify otherwise.

We can also make felt insoles using your.  The insoles are different than the regular felt in that we add burlap to the center of the two fiber batts.  The burlap helps hold the fibers together better and makes the insoles last longer.  We can make them in thin, medium and thick densities. 
We can cut the insoles out for you for an additional charge.  We have a single size we use when we handcut the insoles.  The intent is that the end consumer will cut them to the shoes they will be using them in.
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